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Learn the secrets to developing business with cold email and Linkedin outreach from the team behind Wiza.

🌐 Linkedin

How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Groups

Social selling is all the rage these days —and for good reason. Used the right way, social channels can introduce new touch points, intent signals, prospect data and more. But how do you go beyond personalized connection requests and comments with (not so…
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6 Lead Generation Tactics to Fill Your Pipeline

What’s the most exciting part of your sales job? You didn’t say ‘spending 8 hours researching, enriching and cleaning lead lists’ …did you? We don’t blame you. Lead gen is one of the hardest, most time consuming parts of sales. But it’s also…
Cold Email

How to Verify an Email Address Without Sending an Email

Gone are the days when you could send cold emails with abandon, spraying and praying that something lands somewhere. Good riddance, honestly. Today, email outreach requires attention to detail to get your emails opened — and a personal touch to get your…
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3 Things B2B Sales Pros Can Learn From B2C Marketing

This is a guest post from Eric Raszewski, Account Director at Sawdust Creative Agency. I’ve spent the better part of my sales career looking to connect and sell to other businesses.  In most cases, those conversations are with an owner, founder, or C-suite…