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Popular questions

What does a risky email mean?
A risky email is one where we aren't certain if the email will bounce or not. The domain is known as a catch-all domain, so we're unable to get a response. We recommend not sending, unless you have other reason to believe it's a valid email address.
How can I check if an email is valid?
Using our Free Email Verifier, all you need to do is input any email address above, and we'll check if it's valid without sending an email. Try it out!
What is email verification?
Email verification is a way that you can check if an email address is valid or not. This means that it will tell you if the email is likely to bounce, or if you actually have the right email. Try out our free email verifier to check if your email is valid!
Can I check any kind of email address?
Yes, this free email verifier will let you check any type of email address to confirm if it is valid or not.
How is this tool free?
At Wiza, we offer a suite of tools that help people find valid emails for prospects in their market. We offer this tool for free to help new people see the accuracy of our data, and hopefully check out some of our other helpful tools.
What is Wiza?
Wiza is a suite of tools to help you find valid contact details across the web. We offer tools that find, verify, and enrich leads so that sales teams, marketers, and recruiters can have verified email data that they can rely on.
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