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These 18 Sales Leaders Will Get You Thinking — and Growing

Winning deals in sales is all about adaptation.

To adapt, you have to learn. Who better to learn from than those with years of experience driving millions of dollars in revenue? 

As Wiza continues to grow, we’re learning every single day. We learn more about how our customers use our tools, what our audience needs and how we can build a better prospecting tool for sales leaders everywhere. This list isn’t based on number of followers or the top Google results. These are sales leaders we’ve learned from — and who we will continue to follow as we grow. 

Choose a handful to follow for yourself! 

18 Sales Leaders to Follow in 2020

1. John Barrows

One of the biggest names in sales training, John Barrows has more than two decades of sales leadership experience. He now runs JBarrows Sales Training, which provides “dynamic sales education for corporations and individuals.” 

Our favorite thing he’s put out recently is his book designed for kids: I Want to Be In Sales When I Grow Up. John wrote the book with his daughter, basing the story and lessons on her quest to sell as many Girl Scout cookies as possible. 

Moral of the story? Sales is a profession to be proud of. 

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2. Colleen Francis

A sales leader with more than 25 years of experience, Colleen Francis is LinkedIn’s #1 sales influencer for 2020. 

Colleen runs Engage Selling Solutions, where her goal is to help 100% of the sales teams she works with hit 100% of their quota. 

One of our favorite recent tidbits from Colleen is on how to build confidence in your sales team. “Internalize products, services, unique selling propositions and other elements that allow a conversation to transpire rather than an interview or interrogation,” she writes. It’s “the best possible way to remain composed and confident when a conversation takes an expected turn.”

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3. Aaron Ross

After building an inside sales team and creating $100M in revenue for Salesforce, Aaron Ross founded Predictable Revenue. The sales agency builds, fixes and outsources sales teams for companies poised for growth.

He authored both Predictable Revenue and From Impossible to Inevitable, which capture the magic of the outbound systems PredRev creates for their clients. 

Outside of his sales books, one coronavirus-related post in particular was a breath of fresh air for sales reps and entrepreneurs at every stage of their career. “This crisis is the sound of much of the world recreating itself,” Aaron writes. “How are you recreating yourself now?”

“You’re going to be okay. But it’s your choice.” 

aaron ross

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4. Morgan J Ingram

Morgan is the Director of Sales Execution and Evolution for JBarrows and host of The SDR Chronicles podcast. He’s been named a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice for two years in a row — and certainly lives up to the title.

Outside of sales training with JBarrows, Morgan posts daily on sales development, prospecting and millennials in sales. 

Our favorite piece of prospecting advice lately? This tweet on the importance of focusing on them instead of you in cold emails and calls. 

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5. Scott Barker

Pulling double duty as Head of Partnerships for Sales Hacker and evangelist for Outreach.io, Scott Barker has keen insight on all things B2B sales. (Outreach acquired SalesHacker in 2018, so the pairing is a natural one). 

Scott posts daily on sales development and what it’s like being a sales influencer, making his perspective a unique one. He recently launched a new sales newsletter called The Forecast on Substack, where he shares “tomorrow’s best practices today.” 

We’ve enjoyed The Forecast already, with its actionable tips for social selling and big picture observations about what it means to be purposeful.

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6. Max Altschuler

Founder of Sales Hacker and now VP of Marketing at Outreach, Max Altschuler is equally passionate about building modern sales processes and helping young professionals navigate their sales careers.

He’s written two books: Hacking Sales as CEO of Sales Hacker and Sales Engagement as VP of Marketing at Outreach.

Our favorite recent tweet from Max is a concise take on exactly how not to do social selling on LinkedIn. 

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7. Jill Konrath

A best selling author 4 times over, keynote speaker and sales strategist, Jill Konrath has more than two decades of sales consulting experience. 

On top of her speaking and consulting engagements, Jill provides the sales community with invaluable resources in the form of YouTube videos, a blog and an entire resource page on her website. 

One of our favorite resources is her email sales kit, complete with email prospecting tips and a guide on how to write cold emails that don’t get deleted.

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8. Alex Berman

Founder of x27, Alex Berman is the definition of a go-getter in the sales and marketing alignment space. After starting his career with a mix of sales and marketing roles, Alex founded Experiment 27 to help brands create winning inbound and outbound strategies. 

Alex creates free sales training videos on YouTube, covering everything from cold email subject lines to closing strategies.

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9. Janice Mars

Founder of SalesLatitude, Janice Mars brings more than 25 years of sales experience to her client engagements. She focuses on providing practical sales advice and coaching for improved revenue performance.

Janice recently wrote on the importance of listening in sales conversations. “When you pitch your stuff and then try to find a problem it fits into, you tend to listen for keywords,” she writes. “When you hear those keywords, you jump all over it. You may have done some level of discovery but, in most cases, you have not done enough.”

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10. Gabe Villamizar

A full time evangelist for Lucidchart, Gabe Villamizar is a sales leader that bridges the gap between marketing and modern day sales. In his role with Lucidchart, Gabe works on everything from content to demand gen and brand awareness.

Gabe brings levity to the typically straightlaced dialogue surrounding sales and marketing, sharing the do’s and don’ts of messaging along with how people are using Lucidchart. 

We enjoy Gabe’s feed because he tends to share what he finds valuable, incisive and humorous in online posts and discussions. It’s a good collection.

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11. Andy Paul

Andy Paul is a man of many talents. He runs sales leadership accelerator TheSalesHouse.com, leads revenue performance for ringDNA and hosts the newly rebranded Sales Enablement Podcast

His podcast has over 750 in-depth interviews with sales leaders from around the world. 

On one recent episode, an informal conversation with Bridget Gleason from Tidelift turned into an insightful dialogue on performance, motivation, sales skills and more. 

“I think there are 5 things that enable performance: skills, behaviors, mindset, mentors, and experience.” 

Andy paul | Sales enablement podcast

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12. Gary Vaynerchuk

This is a sales leader who most likely needs no introduction. CEO of VaynerMedia, Gary built his business and career on candid observations on what works and what doesn’t in business. 

If you’re looking for overarching takes on business, work/life balance and leadership, Gary is the guy to follow. 

“Ideas are sh*t. Execution is the game.” 

gary vaynerchuk

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13. Alice Heiman

Alice is a sales strategist, coach and speaker with nearly 25 years of experience helping companies generate qualified leads and win large deals.

Our favorite thing from Alice recently is a practical guide to staying productive in sales with kids at home during the COVID-19 crisis. She provides specific steps and resources to help sales leaders and SDRs alike continue selling.

“Yes, it’s tough, but I promise you it’s not impossible,” Alice writes. “In most cases, a schedule and some resources will help you keep all the plates spinning.”

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14. Noah Kagan

‘Chief Sumo’ at Sumo Group, Noah cut his teeth as an early employee at both Facebook and Mint. Today, he oversees Sumo’s products and provides the rest of us with a seemingly endless supply of fresh and unique content to sink our teeth into. 

He’s active on LinkedIn and Twitter, but you can find our favorite content from Noah on his OkDork blog (you’ll also get to see what his “I know sh*t” face looks like). 

The blog is described as being about “marketing, starting businesses, self-exploration, and tacos.” In reality, you’ll find topics on time management, SaaS growth, and how to make space for personal development in your work. The best this year is an in-depth article on why he walked out of a Tony Robbins seminar

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15. Lori Richardson

A #womeninsales advocate, Lori both runs her own sales consultancy (Score More Sales) and serves as the president of Women Sales Pros

Lori focuses on helping businesses build and train their sales teams to be more effective and cohesive. 

Our favorite piece of content from Lori is a recent interview with the Sales Hacker Podcast on the core principles of sales leadership. “Go where your customers are, go where your buyers are, go where your future buyers are,” Lori said, speaking to a question on social selling. “Talk about their world not about your world.”

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16. Scott Ingram

Account director at Relationship One and host of multiple podcasts, Scott Ingram says his passion lives at the intersection of sales, marketing and technology. 

Our favorite recent tidbit is his conversation with Jeff Bajorek on what we should call this “situation” that we all find ourselves in. “Maybe today is difficult, but let’s not apply that negativity,” Scott says. “For me, the one that works the best is ‘these are challenging times.’ Because challenge causes growth, right?”

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17. Liz J. Simpson 

Founder of Stimulyst, Liz is a B2B sales coach and Top LinkedIn Sales Influencer. Stimulyst is a sales agency focused on account-centric sales and relationship building. 

She also heads up the #BigMoney movement, a B2B sales accelerator for women entrepreneurs and consultants. Liz is an expert in building relationships on LinkedIn. If you want to jump into what she has to offer, check out the free LinkedIn Client Attraction Course (designed for women entrepreneurs). 

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18. Carole Mahoney 

Founder of Unbound Growth, Carole Mahoney maintains the mission to “grow sales, increase revenue, create jobs, raise the level of respect for the sales profession using proven science.”

In one recent YouTube video, Carole walks through the true cost of an unsuccessful sales hire. At the core of everything she does is a cognitive behavioral approach to sales performance, which makes for a distinct perspective in a field typically focused on hard numbers.

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