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How much does Linkedin Sales Navigator Cost? Is it worth it?

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A lot of people see the value in Linkedin Sales Navigator, but how much does Linkedin Sales Navigator cost?

If you don’t already know, Sales Navigator gives you the ability to craft highly targeted searches with a number of different criteria.

This is super valuable, we’ve written about the powers of the search here.

With that said, everything is relative to cost. LinkedIn prices Sales Navigator at $79.99 per month, or $64.99 per month when paying annually ($779.88/yr)

Linkedin monthly pricing
Linkedin’s monthly pricing

The difference between the typical Sales Navigator account and the Team version is minimal. Here is a full list of feature differences:

Sales Navigator Features
All features, Sales Navigator on left, Sales Navigator team on right.

Outside of the search, LinkedIn talks about the value of the InMail. In our experience, this feature is essentially useless. InMails fail to deliver results as prospects rarely respond, we prefer to use email.

Luckily, LinkedIn offers a 30-day free trial of Sales Navigator, which you can access here.

Once you’ve got a trial of Sales Navigator, you need to take full advantage and access prospects quickly.

The best way to do that, is by using Wiza.

Wiza allows you to export searches, while finding the professional email address of everyone in that search.

You can download the results as a CSV file, or send those prospects directly to your CRM.

Wiza also does a verification check of every email it finds, so you’ll never send to a bounced email address. This allows you to protect your email domain authority.

🧙 Extract emails from LinkedIn

Wiza is magic. Turn any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search into a clean list of verified emails, ready for outreach.

Get the extension

20 credits FREE! No credit card required.

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Hey, I'm Stephen, Founder and CEO of Wiza. I used to run a cold email agency, running cold email campaigns for our clients. We first built out the technology for Wiza internally, but then realized this is software that everyone should use. Now, Wiza is available with flexible pricing that doesn't lock you into paying monthly. Use Wiza to quickly create email lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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