How to Connect LinkedIn to HubSpot (2023 Tutorial)

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Connecting LinkedIn to HubSpot can be a game-changer for many professionals, especially those in sales and recruitment. If you’ve been wondering how to bridge the gap between these two platforms, the answer lies in a nifty Chrome extension called Wiza. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you integrate LinkedIn, whether it’s the regular version, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter, with your HubSpot account.

1. Get the Wiza Chrome Extension

Wiza is a free Chrome extension with the power to facilitate the integration between LinkedIn and HubSpot. To kick things off, you’ll need to install Wiza. You can find the link to download the extension here.

2. Navigating LinkedIn with Wiza

Once the Wiza Chrome extension has been installed, you’ll see it conveniently on the side of every single LinkedIn Profile page where you can quickly reveal verified email addresses and phone numbers for any contact.

From there, all lead information can be sent directly to your Hubspot instance by integrating your CRM right from the extension. 

Sales Nav / Recruiter user? Read below – you can find contact info for entire searches with Wiza before connecting to HubSpot; one of the most powerful features. 

Example LinkedIn Profile of Harrison Apitz-Grossman. Shows Wiza chrome extension interface on the right side of the LinkedIn Page, with a valid email and phone number visible.

3. Connect Hubspot with Linkedin through Wiza

Anytime contact info is revealed for a person, you can easily save them to a list within Wiza. This list can then be automatically synchronized with your HubSpot CRM. For instance, if you create a list named “HubSpot” and save the contacts there, all this LinkedIn-derived data will be readily available in your Wiza account, and with one click, your HubSpot account as well. 

You’ll now have a fresh batch of contacts in your HubSpot, along with their contact details (emails, phone numbers), as well as Linkedin URL.

integrate page
wiza logo and hubspot logo being connected

4. Keep Your Data Fresh Forever

One of Wiza’s standout features is its ability to refresh data. Wiza saves the connection to each person’s LinkedIn profile, which allows us to instantly capture any updates like job title changes or company transitions (and update their contact info accordingly). This dynamic feature ensures that your CRM data mirrors the latest information on LinkedIn.

Three lists from within Wiza account showing the fact that there is a dropdown menu from each saved list, with options to re-run the scan or refresh the scan.

5. Bulk Export Leads from Linkedin Sales Navigator to Hubspot

For the power users among us, especially those using Sales Navigator or Recruiter, Wiza offers a powerful bulk data extraction feature. Imagine searching for “VP of Sales” in a location like “Tampa” and being presented with 1000+ results. With Wiza, you can export all these leads in a few clicks. Simply select the data and email types you want (e.g., only work emails), and Wiza will handle the rest. Once the extraction is complete, they’ll be saved into a Wiza list, and again, you can synchronize all this data directly to your HubSpot CRM.

export options

The integration of LinkedIn with HubSpot is simple and powerful when leveraging Wiza. With just a few steps, you can ensure that your CRM is always stocked with the most up-to-date information from LinkedIn.

Happy prospecting, and may the most accurate contact data win!

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