How to Connect LinkedIn to Salesforce (2023 Tutorial)

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Connecting LinkedIn to Salesforce can be a game-changer for numerous professionals, particularly those in sales and hiring. If you’ve been pondering how to link these two platforms, the solution can be found in a handy Chrome extension named Wiza. Below is a detailed guide to help you merge LinkedIn, whether you’re using the standard version, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter, with your Salesforce account.

1. Download the Wiza Chrome Extension

Wiza is a free Chrome extension designed to simplify the connection between LinkedIn and Salesforce. To start the process, you must first download Wiza. The link to get the extension is available here.

2. Navigating LinkedIn with Wiza

Upon installing the Wiza Chrome extension, you’ll notice it positioned conveniently on every LinkedIn Profile page. This allows you to swiftly access verifed email addresses and phone numbers for any individual.

From this point, all lead details can be transferred straight to your Salesforce system by linking your CRM directly from the extension.

Use Sales Nav / Recruiter? Keep reading – you can retrieve contact data for comprehensive searches using Wiza prior to linking with Salesforce; a truly potent feature.

Example LinkedIn Profile of Harrison Apitz-Grossman. Shows Wiza chrome extension interface on the right side of the LinkedIn Page, with a valid email and phone number visible.

3. Connect Salesforce and LinkedIn with Wiza

Whenever you unveil contact information for someone, you have the option to store them in a Wiza list. This list can then be seamlessly synced with your Salesforce CRM. For example, if you curate a list labeled “Salesforce” and archive the contacts there, all this data sourced from LinkedIn will be accessible in your Wiza account, and with a single click, your Salesforce account too.

Your Salesforce will now have a new list of contacts, complete with their contact info (emails, phone numbers), and their LinkedIn URL.

integrate page

4. Maintain Updated Data Continuously

A distinctive Wiza feature is its capability to update data. Wiza retains the link to each individual’s LinkedIn profile, enabling instantaneous capture of modifications such as role shifts or organizational moves (and amend their contact details respectively). This adaptive function guarantees that your CRM data reflects the most recent information on LinkedIn.

Three lists from within Wiza account showing the fact that there is a dropdown menu from each saved list, with options to re-run the scan or refresh the scan.

5. Mass Export of Leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Salesforce

For the advanced users, particularly those operating Sales Navigator or Recruiter, Wiza provides an impactful mass data extraction tool. Envision searching for “VP of Sales” in a place like “Tampa” and obtaining 1000+ outcomes. With Wiza, you can download all these leads in mere moments. Choose the data and email categories you desire (e.g., exclusively work emails), and Wiza will manage the remainder. Once the extraction is finalized, they’ll be stored in a Wiza list, and yet again, you can transfer all this data directly to your Salesforce CRM.

linkedin sales navigator search page
export options

Integrating LinkedIn with Salesforce becomes uncomplicated and potent with the aid of Wiza. In just a handful of steps, you can certify that your CRM is always populated with the freshest data from LinkedIn.

Happy lead hunting, and may the most precise contact details prevail!

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