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Social Distancing, Yes. But the Sales Must Go On

If there’s ever been a time to adapt, it’s now.

With industry events cancelled and in-person meetings on a hiatus, sales teams everywhere are trying to figure out: what’s next?

We no longer have access to events and in-person meetings. Why not send an email introduction and close things with a digital handshake? 

If you sell to an industry that has not been directly impacted by COVID-19, then there’s no question: the sales must go on. Thankfully, you have plenty of options available to you, from setting up remote sales meetings to increasing digital outbound efforts. 

Hans, our Head of Growth, received an email yesterday. 

coronavirus email

This was a customer reaching out directly to ask for help to scale their outbound sales efforts. 

The email sparked a conversation among our team this morning: how can we help sales teams continue to excel in these uncertain, overwhelming days? 

I’ll be honest: it’s not a complete game changer. We’re not a food delivery app or telehealth company. We’re a Chrome extension with a very specific use case (sending targeted, excellent cold emails). But I know many sales teams will find value in authentic email introductions when in-person interactions are off the table. 

We landed on two ideas, offered for the next 15 days:

1) 50 free credits for all users, no strings attached, to jumpstart digital introductions.
2) Up to 80% discount on bulk credits to ramp up your outbound sales efforts.

Get 50 free credits — drop us a line in chat.


Remember, credits are only used for valid emails with 99% deliverability. 

This is a tough time for business — and we want to help in any way we can. Reach out directly to me, Hans or Brooklin if you have any questions on how to get the most out of Wiza and Sales Navigator for your outbound sales.

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Hey, I'm Stephen, Founder and CEO of Wiza. I used to run a cold email agency, running cold email campaigns for our clients. We first built out the technology for Wiza internally, but then realized this is software that everyone should use. Now, Wiza is available with flexible pricing that doesn't lock you into paying monthly. Use Wiza to quickly create email lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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