Wiza Enrich: The Lead Data You Need

wiza enrich

For the past year our users have been using Wiza Prospect as their magic lead generation tool. Now, Wiza just got even more magical. 

We’re excited to announce that Wiza Enrich is now live! Check it out.

What is Wiza Enrich? 

We created Wiza Enrich to streamline the data enrichment process for sales and marketing teams. 

  • Scrape more than 30 data points for your Sales Nav leads, including phone numbers and personal emails. 
  • Connect your sales and marketing activities with personalized outreach and retargeting. 
  • Upload your existing lead lists to enrich with Wiza data. 

Move leads down the funnel faster than ever 

With Wiza Enrich, you can add both professional and personal touchpoints to your sales and marketing sequences. Better yet, both teams can coordinate on the same list of targeted prospects from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

These are just a few of the ways you can use Wiza Enrich to fill your pipeline:

  • Create a targeted list of prospects in Sales Nav, set up your sequence, then pass the list to marketing for retargeting.
  • Add unique touchpoints to your sequence — text messages, Twitter interactions and swag sent to the company office.
  • Upload a list of MQLs to fill out missing information and create more personalized messaging at scale.
  • Get personal email addresses for more effective recruiting 
wiza enrich

Turn prospects into leads with a snap of your fingers — or a click of a button 

Wiza Prospect has been your magic lead generation tool. Now, Wiza Enrich is your secret revenue weapon. Try it out — Wiza Enrich is ready to go in your account, and you have 20 free matches waiting for you. 

[CTA Button] Launch Wiza Enrich

Same workflow, more data 

Maintain the same workflow but enjoy more granular lead data:

  1. Run your search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator (or upload a .csv)
  2. Hit ‘Start Now’ and let Wiza do all the work. 

Wiza Enrich starts at $0.25 per match for the Pay as You Go plan. Use the Starter plan ($200/mo) to get 1000 matches or the Growth plan ($300/mo) for 2500 matches. We have custom pricing available — just ask!

Need a bit more info? Send a question in the chat below. 

Happy hunting!

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