Am I Using LinkedIn Wrong?

Do you use LinkedIn as a social media platform or sales platform — or something in the middle? 

Rand Fishkin (of Moz ingenuity) sure doesn’t. This week, he sent out an innocuous yet provoking thought to the Twitterverse. 

He’s not alone in his sentiment. Plenty of commenters agreed, saying they’re unable to find anything of value toward the top of their feed. 

Many lamented the fact that most LinkedIn posts are essentially lead magnets. It’s a parade of self-serving case studies, research reports, eBooks and the odd blog post. 

But this got me thinking: is that an inherently bad thing? And have I experienced the same? 

Here’s a sampling of what I found in my own LinkedIn feed this week. 

All of it is essentially promotional. But that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. 

  • #1 is about a topic I’m interested in but relatively unfamiliar with.
  • #2 is from a former client on how reviews play into the marketing mix. 
  • #3 is from a new connection (a much more experienced content lead) on writing tips. 

Yes, I’m a content marketer. And it shows. 

Using LinkedIn to Fill in the Gaps

Maybe the LinkedIn algorithm works better for me. All three of these posts are quite literally about my job. I’ve spent time building a network on LinkedIn not only around my interests, but also my industry. Why wouldn’t I take the time to see what my connections have to say?

This is what I landed on in my reply to Rand Fishkin. 

Since I’m in content marketing, I use LinkedIn primarily to connect with people I can learn from. 

If you’re in sales, wouldn’t you expect to see posts and links from sales agencies, other sales leaders and even competitors? That’s the value you get out of the professional network you’ve built on LinkedIn (and don’t even get me started on LinkedIn Sales Navigator). 

I don’t use it to replace Twitter, Reddit, Instagram or Facebook (confession: I’m not even on Instagram). 

So, you tell me: am I using LinkedIn wrong? The algo seems to say no. 

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