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Can You Export Leads from Sales Navigator?

Many people use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target leads within their target market for different sales needs. Getting a big list of leads is awesome, but we need a way to export these leads effectively.

The question: can you export leads from Sales Navigator?

The answer: yes, absolutely. Luckily, we can extract all these leads to Excel (as a CSV file). If you use a CRM like Salesforce or Outreach, you can also send your leads directly there.

You can also export your saved lead lists, saved searches, or just regular Sales Navigator searches.

Let’s get into how to do this.

Export Leads from Sales Navigator in 3 Steps

Step 1 – access the leads you want to extract.

export leads from sales navigator 1

Put together your search. This should be simple enough!

Here, we have a search for Account Managers in Toronto.

Step 2 – sign up for Wiza here, and download the extension

export leads with wiza 1

Once you’ve got the extension, you’ll see this button on your Sales Navigator search. Click it, and Wiza will extract all these people, and find their verified email addresses.

Step 3 – Download the CSV or sync the leads to your CRM.

export leads with wiza 2

You can take these leads and bring them to Excel, import them to your favorite cold email tool, or send them to your CRM of choice.

Not only has Wiza extracted all the leads in your sales navigator list, it’s also found everyone’s corporate email, verified them for deliverability, and provided them in the CSV file.

Get started with Wiza here.

Have any questions on how to export leads from Sales Navigator, or anything else about getting the most from LinkedIn? Drop us a line with the chat button!

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