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How to get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has become standard amongst sales teams that do outbound prospecting. If you’re paying the money for the platform, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

In this quick article, I’ll show you 3 advanced tricks you can use to develop more pipeline, thanks to the wonderful features inside of Sales Navigator.

Craft Good Searches

We’ve written about this before, but the search in Sales Navigator is super powerful.

Filters like keyword, industry, headcount, and function, allow you to really narrow down on your target market.

The keyword filter can be used creatively, so use it.

Here’s an article we wrote on this topic alone.

Save Your Customers as Leads

With sales navigator you have the ability to save certain people as leads. Once saved, you’ll get a notification when these people change jobs. If these are filled with your current customers, you’ll instantly be alerted when they leave the company, and you have an opportunity to sign on a completely new company.

You can also use this with prospects who told you no, there’s always a new opportunity at a new company.

Find Emails, Don’t InMail.

InMails are largely a waste of time. They don’t get even close to the same response rates as emails do. To get the most out of Sales Navigator, you have to get your prospect’s professional email address and reach out there.

The easiest way to do this, is by using Wiza.

Wiza allows you to export searches while finding the professional email address of everyone in that search.

You can download the results as a CSV file, or send those prospects directly to your CRM (Like Salesforce or

Wiza also does a verification check of every email it finds, so you’ll never send to a bounced email address. This allows you to protect your email domain authority.

Sign up for Wiza here for free (no credit card required)


  1. John

    How is the email validated? Is it just validated as a valid format, or do you check that it is indeed a valid deliverable email?

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