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How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator [2020 Update]

The platform has become standard among sales teams for outbound sales prospecting. If you’re paying good money for LinkedIn, it’s important to make sure you get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  

With over 500 million profiles, LinkedIn is a rich resource for sales and business development. 

LinkedIn says it best in their guide to getting the most out of Sales Navigator:

“At a time where relevant, contextual buying experiences are essential for B2B selling success, the professional data available through LinkedIn holds immense value.”

But how can you tap into that data? How can you use LinkedIn for sales? And how can you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator effectively?

To answer all of those questions, we’ll show you 7 advanced tips for using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Use these tips to develop more pipeline, faster.

Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

The benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator extend beyond the ability to send some InMail messages every month. 

It’s a powerful directory of leads; you just have to make sure you’re using it correctly. 

LinkedIn released some numbers that make a compelling case for sales reps and business development leaders to jump on Sales Navigator. 

get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales reps using LinkedIn Sales Navigator were almost 5x more likely to view the profiles of decision makers and 2.5x more likely to connect with these decision makers than non-Sales Nav users. 

That’s a start. 

Question: How to use LinkedIn for sales?

Answer: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

But you can get way more out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator than a higher search volume and increase in profile views. 

How can you make sure you actually get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

It comes down to using all of the platform’s features and extending the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator beyond the platform itself. 

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Before getting into the specific tips for getting the most out of Sales Nav, we first want to look at the basics of how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator effectively.

  1. Start with a free trial. LinkedIn offers a free trial for Sales Nav, so take advantage of it for your first month.
  2. Configure your Sales Navigator account. After signing up, you can customize your new Sales Nav account by adding LinkedIn connections as leads, defining your vertical and region, and adding companies you’re interested in.
  3. Get familiar with LinkedIn Sales Navigator features. The three pages you’ll probably use the most are advanced search, lead lists and account lists. You can also use ‘Discover’ to see LinkedIn’s suggested leads based on your preferences.
how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator
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That’s how you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator when you’re starting out. But what about some advanced tips to get the most out of Sales Nav?

Get the Most Out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Bells and whistles don’t always translate into value for sales. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has plenty of fancy features designed to keep your sales pipeline within the platform (see: PointDrive). Sticking to these features can often limit your pipeline instead of expand in. 

What are some smart ways to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as effectively as possible? 

Craft Good Searches With Advanced Filters

We’ve written about this before, but the search in Sales Navigator is super powerful.

Once you run an initial search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, use the advanced filters to narrow down your list of leads. You can use filters keyword, industry, company headcount, role and more to really narrow down on your ICP. You can even create multiple lists of leads around different parameters. 

The keyword filter can be used creatively, so use it.

Combine Inbound With Outbound

Like LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator lets you see who has viewed your profile recently. While the platform is primarily for outbound sales, this feature means you can mix in some inbound connections if the mood strikes you. 

Take a look at the page once a week or so and send out connections to those who are already interested in your company (or you). 

Target Warm Leads With Shared Connections

Coming back to advanced filters: you can drill down to leads with just 2 degrees of separation. 

By focusing on leads with common connections, you can create a separate list of warm leads. You can even personalize your outreach more by mentioning that you have some people in common in your professional network. 

Save Searches & Leads 

You don’t have to start from scratch every time you get on Sales Navigator. 

While you’re limited to the number of InMail messages you can send, the platform allows you to save up to 1k leads and save your search parameters. Save time down the road by revisiting your early insights. 

Save Your Customers as Leads

With Sales Navigator you can save certain people you find through search as leads. 

Once saved, you’ll get a notification when these people change jobs. If your lead list is filled with your current customers, you’ll instantly be alerted when they leave the company. Then you’ll  have an opportunity to sign on a completely new company with the same lead. 

You can also use this with prospects who told you ‘no’ — there’s always a new opportunity at a new company!

Email, Don’t InMail 

InMails supposedly have a high response rate; but that doesn’t mean they are an effective sales prospecting approach. Since Sales Navigator limits you to just 20 InMail messages a month, sending these messages can be incredibly limiting. 

To get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have to get your prospects’ professional email address and reach out to them there.

The easiest way to do this is (naturally) with Wiza.

Wiza allows you to export searches, automatically finding the professional email address of everyone in that search. You can download the results as a .csv file, send those prospects directly to your CRM, or use Wiza Connect to create cold email campaigns. With a verification check for every email it finds, using Wiza means you’ll never send to a bounced email address. 

Use Sales Navigator Insight for Personalized Cold Emails

The insight Sales Navigator provides is better than any other B2B sales tool out there. Make sure you’re putting it to use!

For example, if you want to warm up a lead, take a look at their ‘Interests’ section. You can even filter leads by interest in the search (there’s that advanced search function again).

With this insight from LinkedIn, you can personalize your cold emails. Variables like {Title} can help you make your cold emails sound even more personalized than simply using someone’s first name. 

How do you get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator? For cold emails? To connect with warm leads? Let us know by sharing this article and tagging us on LinkedIn!

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