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How to Export Leads From LinkedIn Sales Navigator (and find their emails!)

Ah yes, exporting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If you’re reading this article, you probably know the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s search abilities.

The issue lies in the fact that LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to export these results in an easy way. In order to go from LinkedIn to either a spreadsheet, a CRM, or a cold email sending tool, is a very tedious process. That’s why many sales experts want to know how to export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator directly with a LinkedIn Sales Navigator extractor.

Getting this data fast is crucial to being able to reach out to a large number of prospects and generate business. It’s important whether you’re a business owner or part of a sales/growth team.

So how can you extract email addresses from LinkedIn?

In this article we share the 3 steps to instantly export leads from a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search. It’s all with our LinkedIn Sales Navigator extractor.

How to Export Leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 3 Steps

Step One: Create your search with the leads you want to extract.

As you normally would, create your search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In this example, we’re looking for SDR Managers in San Francisco.

How to Export Leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator 1

As you can see, we have 37 results. A small search, but it would definitely take us quite a while to manually go through these and try to find their email addresses.

Step Two: Run Wiza.

The next step is to sign up for a free account at Wiza.

After you’ve signed up and downloaded the extension, you should see this button:

Export Emails Button
The button is there 🙂

After you click the button, you’ll decide on a name for your scrape and the number of leads in the search you want to scrape. We’ll just scrape the entire list, and name our search “SDR Managers SF”

Now, Wiza will get to work.

Results Page
Wiza works so we don’t have to

What is Wiza doing at this point? Our platform is going through your list and first scraping each individual contact, then putting them all into a spreadsheet for you. This is returned as the “People” document that you can download. Then, Wiza will look at the company names of the people in your search and search all over the web to try and find their companies email format.

For example

If you have John Smith at Amazon, Wiza will figure out that the most common email pattern at Amazon is firstname.lastname@amazon.com – Wiza will then make the email field john.smith@amazon.com. Then, Wiza uses a third-party verification tool that checks that email address to ensure that it’s an acceptable email that will deliver.

If it’s deliverable, it will return to you as a “valid email” with Wiza, these cost 15 cents each.

If it can’t be verified because their domain has an “accept-all” status, we’ll give you that email for free and mark it as a “risky” email. If the verification tells us it’s an invalid email, we’ll let you know we couldn’t find that email. We’ll typically find a large chunk of emails.

Step 3: Download Your Results. You’ve now exported your leads from Sales Navigator!

And we’re done, Wiza has gotten us all our results in a few minutes. It’s also found all of their corporate email addresses!

Final Results
Check out our results

Now, if we click “Get” beside any one of these 4 email categories, we get a .csv of the data that we can easily import to any CRM or cold email sending tool.

This is extremely powerful because it can be done for massive searches. If you have a list of 500 people, within 15 minutes we can find you around 300 valid emails that you can instantly use in your outbound campaigns. In just one day you can start generating a lot of business opportunities with this amount of prospects. This is the power of combining LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Wiza.

What are the 4 email categories?

Valid Emails: These are emails that Wiza found and was able to verify, these emails will never bounce.

Risky: These are emails that Wiza found but weren’t able to 100% verify. We recommend mixing these into your outreach still, more on that here

Email Unobtainable: Wiza couldn’t find the email format for these companies, so we couldn’t match it to your contact. Or, we did find an email pattern, but after validating the email, we found that it was incorrect.

People: These are all the people in your search, in an easy to use .csv file format, you can easily import all the contacts wherever you need them.

You’re done!

Congratulations, you can now export hundreds and hundreds of leads off LinkedIn Sales Navigator thanks to Wiza! Once again, you can get signed up with Wiza.

Questions? Concerns? Reach out to our live chat on our website or email me personally at stephen@wiza.co

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