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How to Export Saved Lead Lists on Linkedin Sales Navigator

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have the ability to create Saved Lead Lists full of targeted prospects.

In this article, we’ll teach you exactly how to export saved lead lists to an Excel file, or even send these contacts directly to your CRM.

On top of exporting your saved lead list, we’ll also show you how to save time by automatically finding all of their corporate email addresses, so you can begin reaching out.

Navigate to Your Saved Lead Lists

saved lead lists 1

Here we have a Lead List that contains 53 people. In order to export this, you’ll need to download the free Wiza Chrome Extension.

Export Your Saved Lead List from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Now that we have that, we see the “Export emails with Wiza” button. Give it a click and you’ll be prompted to start your export.

saved lead lists 2

Go ahead and name your list and select if you want to use free credits or just download the entire list.

Wiza will not only export the leads, but it will also find the corporate email address for every single prospect and verify the emails for deliverability.

This way, you can reach out right away. If you don’t want the email address, then hit the “Export people without emails” to get all the data points except the email. This is a pro feature, but doesn’t use any credits.

Processing results
Our list is being exported, this will take a few minutes.

While this is running, Wiza is extracting the information of everyone in your list, then searching online to try and find their email, or their companies typical email format.

Once found, it will take the email to an email verification tool to ensure you’re getting the correct email. That’s why your results are split up into Valid, Risky, and No Email. This is all based on the email information we found.

Finished Results

Use Your Saved Leads

After just a few minutes, the results are in!

We’ve extracted the entire list, and found valid emails for half of the list! We can now download all these prospects to a spreadsheet and bring them over to our CRM or cold email tool of choice. We also have the ability to Sync directly with a Salesforce or Outreach account and send the information directly there. This saves a ton of time!

It’s that simple! Give Wiza a shot today and export saved lead lists on Sales Navigator in just a few minutes. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Hey, I'm Stephen, Founder and CEO of Wiza. I used to run a cold email agency, running cold email campaigns for our clients. We first built out the technology for Wiza internally, but then realized this is software that everyone should use. Now, Wiza is available with flexible pricing that doesn't lock you into paying monthly. Use Wiza to quickly create email lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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