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How to Send Cold Email at Scale [2020 Update]

Cold email is an incredible means of generating business opportunities for all kinds of companies. The premise is simple: find people that are likely to be interested in your product, get their contact information, and tell them about your solution. Cold email at scale is even better.

The beauty of cold email is its scalability. Cold calls are a great way to expand your pipeline, but you can only make so many calls in a day. There is almost no limit to the number of emails you can send.

The issue is that cold emailing has a number of bottlenecks surrounding it that can slow you down immensely.

It’s 2020 — spamming thousands of people at once in a mass cold email hasn’t ever really worked. And it works less now. At best, you’ll end up in the Junk folder more often. At worst, you’ll truly tick people off.

After owning a cold email agency, and sending over 250,000 emails on behalf of myself and my clients, I’ve learned some things about this process. In this post, I want to teach you the most scalable way to begin sending cold email.

Bear in mind that having a good message and product is very important. Before you jump in to this strategy that’s going to allow you to generate a ton of business opportunities, start slow, test emails, see what works and what doesn’t, and then expand.

Let’s begin.

Step One: Lead Generation

Our first step is to figure out who our target customer is and find them on LinkedIn. In order to properly find and target this audience, we’re going to be using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator is a premium offering from LinkedIn, but if you’re looking to send cold email for your B2B business, it’s 100% necessary. You can learn more at

In this example, let’s look for Chief Marketing Officers in Canada.

Search box

Cool! 768 CMOs in Canada. In the past, this is where the hard part would come in compiling these 768 names, but Wiza has made this process easy. Now, we’re just going to hit search and click the “Export Emails with Wiza” button.


Here are the results we got from Wiza:

Wiza Scrape

Just like that, we have 471 prospects we can reach out to!

Step Two – Outreach with cold email at scale

Now it’s time to reach out. Remember: there’s a difference between mass cold email and sending cold email at scale. With the right approach, you can still send hundreds of emails a day without spamming people.

You can either upload a .csv email list to Wiza Connect, or use the lists you’ve already scraped with Wiza Prospect.

Check out our guide on how to get started with Wiza Connect.

Personalize your cold emails with a name, company name and even a link or recent event. It’ll be much more likely to land in your lead’s inbox and get opened.

That’s it! You’re done! Now monitor your results and make changes as necessary.R

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Hey, I'm Stephen, Founder and CEO of Wiza. I used to run a cold email agency, running cold email campaigns for our clients. We first built out the technology for Wiza internally, but then realized this is software that everyone should use. Now, Wiza is available with flexible pricing that doesn't lock you into paying monthly. Use Wiza to quickly create email lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


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