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Wiza Connect: Win at Cold Emails

For nearly a year, our team has been hard at work perfecting the best tool for exporting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Now we’re making sales prospecting even easier with our new core tool: Wiza Connect. 

What is Wiza Connect?

Our new Connect feature extends the capabilities of Wiza, making it your all-in-one sales prospecting tool.

With our original prospecting tool, you can quickly create lists of hundreds of leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With Wiza Connect, you can turn these verified lists into winning cold email campaigns. 

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By bringing together both Wiza features, you can turn sales prospecting from a chore into a low-effort, high impact piece of outbound sales. 

How Does it Work? 

Start by identifying your leads through Linkedin Sales Navigator and exporting them with Wiza. Once you have your list of verified emails ready for outreach, you can simply push the list into Wiza Connect to set up your first cold email campaign. 

wiza connect 2

For each Wiza Connect campaign, you can:

  • Set up custom variables to keep each cold email fresh and personalized.
  • Set and schedule automated follow-ups
  • Customize sending schedules to test your impact.
  • Track open and click rates for every cold email you send.
  • Save your templates to create future campaigns even faster. 

Since the feature seamlessly integrates with Wiza Prospect, you can start sending bulk emails within minutes

Why Wiza Connect Will Work for You 

We’ve always said Wiza is magic — and that’s never been more true than it is today. 

With Wiza Connect, you’ll pay just $25/month for unlimited campaigns — no credits required! If you’d like to set up your entire sales team, Wiza Connect is just $15 per extra email each month. 

Set up how you want your cold emails to look and when you want them to go out. Then sit back and watch the warm leads come rolling in. 

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