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How to Speed Up Your Sales Process Without Losing Personality

Sales enablement tools can be a double edged sword.

On one hand, you can scale outbound emails with well defined sequences. On the other hand, you can fall into the trap of “quantity over quality” by sending cold emails with abandon. Or gather thousands of leads without considering ICP and personalization. 

The question is: how do you strike a balance between the two? 

At the end of the day, you are trying to sell something. But you can also build a foundation for authentic connections through the right sales automation approach. 

Here are some ways you can build sales automation without losing your unique personality. These sales automation methods will help you be a “person who is in sales,” not simply a “salesperson.”

First up: Use Sales Tools to Get More Efficient With Your Time 

The best way to use sales tools is to save time reaching your most promising leads. Sales automation shouldn’t be used as an excuse to reach out to 10x more unqualified leads that are never going to convert and will only get annoyed with your efforts. 

There are plenty of ways to make better use of your time. These are a few ways we do it here at Wiza.  

  • Build sourcing contact info into your sales process. Our sales team identifies promising leads via LinkedIn Sales Navigator. From there, they’re able to use Wiza Enrich to export lists of up to 2500 leads. The data enrichment tool pulls professional and personal emails, phone numbers, company info, social media handles and more. Then sales reps simply push these enriched leads to our CRM. 
  • Find a tool that allows you to identify leads quickly. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most powerful prospecting tools out there. With 500M+ users, sales teams can drill down into specific segments, creating lists based on role, title, experience, interest and more. Saving these Sales Nav searches and lists means they can build off of their progress instead of starting over each time. 
  • Schedule sequences, one segment at a time. Each time you create an email sequence, it should be as targeted as possible. For example: VP of Sales roles in California at companies with 50-200 employees. That way, you can quickly get hundreds of emails out without making it sound like you’re sending the message to your entire email list. 
  • Get fresh leads to your inbox. When you save leads to a list in Sales Nav, you have the option of getting a weekly or monthly notification for when new leads are added to the criteria. Instead of spinning your wheels trying to get fresh leads in a particular niche, you can get a few dozen new opportunities just by setting up this notification. 

How to Build Personality Into Your Sales Emails 

After you collect your leads, you can use Wiza to export the email addresses from those profiles. In theory, these leads are ready to start emailing. 

But there are potentially hundreds of people to contact. Plenty of people turn to email templates to solve that problem. But, in the process, they create another problem: their emails start sounding like templates. 

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Instead of sending the same email (sans {first_name}, consider creating a template that would work for each person and then personalize each email. Using the person’s name and company name is the bare minimum for personalization. 

But personalization does not = personality. 

To go even deeper and get more personal, mention a new development in their industry or a unique challenge to their role. Better yet, get into their recent LinkedIn activity or company development. 

If you can find out any of their interests, mention those.

Armed with a template, including a handful of specific insights for each lead can take as little as 5 minutes. 

I’d say a personal touch is worth the 5 minutes. Wouldn’t you? 

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