Why We Created Wiza

Two years ago, I started a cold e-mail agency called Kindling. The idea was simple, you tell us who you target, and then we work together to create some templates and cold e-mail messaging. After that, we got to work finding leads on Linkedin, and reaching out with an email that persuaded them to try the product.

The home page of Kindling

The lead generation process was pretty weak. We had to use virtual assistants from UpWork to copy all the leads from Linkedin to a spreadsheet, we would then upload the entire list to Hunter.io to get their emails. Hunter would charge us for each email they found, however less than half of these emails would even deliver. If we sent bouncing emails to prospects it would ruin our clients sending authority, so we had to take the lists to an email validating tool to check all the emails and give us the ones back that would deliver.

Under the demands of some clients, we were forced to build some pretty incredible technology in-house to drastically improve this process. Those tools allowed us to scrape Linkedin to find thousands of prospects in our clients target market. We were able to generate thousands of leads in just one day. We reached out to hundreds of prospects per day on behalf of our clients and got amazing results.

I had the realization that this technology was very powerful, and that it had to be delivered to more companies as a standalone product. With the product, anyone would be able to find hundreds of leads instantly for their solution.

We got to work, we spent a few months refining the technology and designing a clean user interface that was clear and easy to use.

After that, we were ready to launch. We didn’t want to charge clients monthly either. Instead, we opted to charge just 15 cents for each valid email we were able to find. That way, you weren’t overly committed. If one month you needed more leads, and the next month you didn’t need any, that would be fine. No cancelling accounts, just use Wiza as you need.

3 Months after launch and we’ve had some amazing feedback to our product. You can try Wiza for free if you aren’t already a user, we’d love to hear what you think!

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