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Wiza 2.0

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been working hard to improve Wiza. When we first launched a year ago, we were laser focused on creating the best lead generation tool for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Now, thanks to the feedback of our users, we have been able to make Wiza better than ever

We’re still focused on making lead gen simply powerful by scraping emails directly from Sales Nav searches and lead lists. Our updates just make prospecting easier. 

We wanted to provide all of our users (and potential users) with some insights into what we have been working on. We call it ‘Wiza 2.0’.

Here’s what Wiza can do now:

  • Exclude duplicates from your exports.
  • Clean up your data by removing emojis from results.
  • Opt for Wiza Unlimited to boost your prospecting powers month after month (send us a message for more info).

We’ve also launched Wiza Connect, which lets you send email drip campaigns at scale to your freshly scraped prospects. With Wiza Connect you can create highly personalized emails to go out automatically to your prospects until you receive a follow up.

All of these updates are in line with our long term goal: to provide you with the best lead generation tool on the market. 

To celebrate the 2.0 version of Wiza and spread the word, we’re launching today on Product Hunt. If you have been enjoying Wiza, it would mean a lot to us if you would take a minute to leave some feedback on our Product Hunt launch page.

Wiza 2.0 - Create email lists from LinkedIn. Then reach out at scale. | Product Hunt Embed

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Hey, I'm Stephen, Founder and CEO of Wiza. I used to run a cold email agency, running cold email campaigns for our clients. We first built out the technology for Wiza internally, but then realized this is software that everyone should use. Now, Wiza is available with flexible pricing that doesn't lock you into paying monthly. Use Wiza to quickly create email lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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