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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation: 3 Steps

What if I told you that you could generate 1600 lead emails in less than 10 minutes? 

For some, Sales Nav is a way of life. For others, it can seem on the pricier side. 

If you use it the right way, the leads you can get from Sales Nav more than justify the $80/mo price tag. 

LinkedIn lead generation is:

  • Relatively quick and easy. 
  • Completely unique in its ability to target specific audiences, positions and industries. 
  • Easily exported for use in email outreach and CRMs. 

LinkedIn lead gen isn’t about crafting the perfect InMail message. It’s about using the power of LinkedIn data to build targeted lead lists. 

If you’re a visual learner (like me!) check out the 7 minute video I put together on using Sales Navigator for lead generation. Otherwise, let’s jump in.

LinkedIn Lead Generation in 3 Steps

Great lead generation can take a bit of time, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’ve narrowed LinkedIn lead generation down to three straightforward steps:

  1. Start with good searches.
  2. Save your work.
  3. Export your leads.
LinkedIn lead generation example 1

Step 1: Start With Good Searches

The key to lead lists that will end up converting is a highly targeted search. And the tool best suited to great searches is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

With Sales Nav, you have both:

  1. Access to millions of leads
  2. The ability to target and narrow down your lead lists to just a few hundred promising prospects.


With LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search. With the advanced filter function, you can narrow your searches down by:

  • Seniority level
  • Geography
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Titles 
  • Keywords

And a lot more. 

In the example video above, I started by searching for sales leaders (with a seniority level of director/manager or above). That search resulted in 17 million leads. 

Not exactly a practical way to start prospecting.

But then I spent just a couple of minutes tweaking my search. I filtered down by:

  • Geography: searching in the US (excluding New York) narrowed it down a bit. 
  • Industry: Looking in the automotive industry resulted in 200k leads. 
  • Head Count: By narrowing the search to 11-50 people, I brought it down to 34k. 
  • Titles: I specified a job title (“sales manager”), which brought my list down to ~1600.

Remember, the title filter is keyword-based, so searching like this would include a “Marketing & Sales Manager” title, for example. 

Now you have 1600 high quality leads that you know fall within your target audience. 

Step 2: Save Your Work 

Don’t forget to save your searches as you go! 

You’re limited to 15 saved searches at a time. But the feature can be a great way to: 

  1. Go back and find information on the prospects you’ve searched for.
  2. Perform the same search but for a different industry or different company size. 
  3. Alerts. LinkedIn will notify you on a weekly basis when new people are added to the search criteria. You can use this ‘trigger’ event as an outreach opportunity!

You’re not limited to saved searches, either. You can also build out custom lead lists directly in LinkedIn to keep all of your leads organized until you’re able to export them or add them to your CRM. 

Step 3: Export Your Leads 

Lead generation with LinkedIn Sales Navigator is extremely effective. 

But since LinkedIn limits you to just 20 InMail messages, actually reaching those leads can be more difficult. 

To do that (at least with the 1600+ leads we generated in five minutes), you’ll need to extract your leads from Sales Navigator. By extracting leads, you’ll get their:

  • Email
  • Full name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Location
  • Domain

For more info on how to export your leads with Wiza, see my video above or our guide to how to export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

How do you do your LinkedIn lead generation? 

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