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20 Winning, Time-Saving Tips for Sales Teams in 2020

Raise your hand if you enjoy cold calling and cold emailing. Let’s be honest: prospecting is rarely fun. It’s at the beginning of the sales cycle, before you even get close to closing a sale. Only when you get to demos and follow up conversations do things get…

Am I Using LinkedIn Wrong?

Do you use LinkedIn as a social media platform or sales platform —or something in the middle? Rand Fishkin (of Moz ingenuity) sure doesn’t. This week, he sent out an innocuous yet provoking thought to the Twitterverse. Overall, I'm pretty…
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Wiza Connect: Win at Cold Emails

For nearly a year, our team has been hard at work perfecting the best tool for exporting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Now we’re making sales prospecting even easier with our new core tool: Wiza Connect. What is Wiza Connect? Our new Connect…
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LinkedIn InMail: How Does it Work?

Are you getting everything you can out of LinkedIn? For some sales teams, the power of the platform lies in two supposedly magical words: LinkedIn InMail. InMail is often seen as one of the best ways to put LinkedIn to work on sales activities. You get to…