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Why We Created Wiza

Two years ago, I started a cold email agency called Kindling. The idea was simple: you tell us who you target, and then we work together to create some templates and cold email messaging. After that, we got to work finding leads on LinkedIn and reaching out with an emailā€¦
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Review: Is It Worth It?

A LinkedIn SalesĀ NavigatorĀ reviewĀ shouldĀ giveĀ youĀ bothĀ theĀ prosĀ andĀ cons.Ā WeĀ loveĀ theĀ tool. ButĀ itĀ has aĀ bigĀ issueĀ forĀ effectiveĀ salesĀ reps. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a critical tool for finding and generating leads on LinkedIn. Yes, the usefulā€¦